Marvel’s Phase 4 line-up will remain something of a mystery until the release of Avengers: Endgame, but the studio is still lining up projects – one of which is the Long-awaited Black Widow solo outing, which may reportedly be R-rated.

Since the massive critical success of R-rated superhero flicks like Deadpool and Logan, a door has been opened for more heroes to follow, however, Marvel Studios is yet to take the plunge. Possibly due to their alliance with family-friendly Disney. But, if any of the Marvel Studios characters deserves an R-rated adventure, it’s Russian ass-kicking assassin, Natasha Romanoff/Romanov.

That Hashtag Show’s Charles Murphy took to Twitter to share with fans that he had learned Marvel Studios are discussing the possibility of Black Widow being rated R. However, he did clarify that there’s no way to know whether this will come to fruition:

Both Marvel Studios, and Disney CEO Bob Iger have said that it is possible that such a project wasn’t out of the question, so that’s something at least.

The film is rumoured to be a prequel that will revisit Natasha’s time as an agent in the Red Room, so it would definitely involve some pretty grizzly stuff, so there would certainly be a need for a higher rating. However, this will likely hinge on what direction Cate Shortland, the film’s director, wants to take the story.

More on Black Widow when we have it.