Mere weeks after landing on Netflix, the streaming giant has confirmed that The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for a second season, meaning that there’s a lot more of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s creation to come.

The next instalment of the Umbrella Academy will apparently go into production later this year in Toronto, with Peter Hoar directing the first episode.

Following the massive success of the TV adaptation, Way has spoken about his inspirations for the story, and where certain character’s traits came from, including the fact that his former My Chemical Romance bandmates can be seen reflected in certain characters.

Way told Rolling Stone, “Being in a band is like being in a dysfunctional family and all these personalities are really distinct and really big, not just the people in your band, but the people you meet on the road or the crew that you work with and all this stuff. A band especially is a dysfunctional family, so there’s little bits of me in all the characters, there’s bits of some of the guys in some of those characters and the different roles that we would play in the band and how those roles would change sometimes. We were in a big pressure cooker of fame and notoriety and the characters experience that in the comic and the show.”

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